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Latest News in the Door and Windows Industry in Canada

A Whole Life Carbon Approach to Building Envelope at WinDoor

Join us at WinDoor - November 15-16th at the Toronto Congress Center, Hall D, for A Whole Life Carbon Approach to Building Envelope

This hour can be considered for the OAA's continuing education program

Juliette Cook will present the whole life carbon approach of Half Climate Design, and the related research and policy work of the Half Research Studio at the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo.

Juliette is an intern architect, lecturer, researcher, and new mother. She brings a lifecycle lens to design thinking across a diverse portfolio of projects - evaluating these from the perspectives of embodied carbon, operational performance, cost, reuse potential, toxicity, labour, and more.

Juliette leads a collaborative project through the Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad that will showcase the economic viability and environmental necessity of deconstruction and material reuse across Ontario. She has worked with the City of Toronto on a benchmarking study on embodied carbon, helping to inform a future system of tiered targets and developing a standard reporting template for whole building life cycle assessments. Juliette has experience as a material research specialist at MASS Design Group, and as an architectural designer and sustainability consultant at White Arkitekter, where she created a palette of non-conventional, low-carbon materials for a large-scale cancer treatment centre.

Juliette’s background in geography and environmental science has informed her knowledge and interest across various scales, from urban planning down to landscape design. In rediscovering the wonders of the world through the eyes of her young son, she has a deep commitment to design and policy work that will shape a healthier future for people and planet.

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