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NAFS Labeling Guidelines for Canada


Preface and Scope

This guideline document combines the NAFS Labeling Guidelines for Canada published in November 2013 with the Voluntary NAFS Labeling Guidelines for Products with Mullions published in September 2014.

This edition describes best practices for NAFS labeling of fenestration products in Canada for jurisdictions that have adopted the 2015 National Building Code of Canada (NBC) or a provincial building code based on the 2015 NBC. It is issued by Fenestration Canada for the benefit and use of fenestration suppliers, building officials, and other parties involved in specifying or regulating fenestration performance characteristics.

The need to test and rate the performance of products with mullions has not been well understood in some parts of Canada. Consequently, users of this document are urged to recognize that both industry and building officials will need time to understand the testing requirements and to implement appropriate labeling practices. The term Building Code in this document shall mean the code in effect in a particular federal, provincial, territorial or municipal authority having jurisdiction.


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