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Latest News in the Door and Windows Industry in Canada

Fenestration Canada announces Laura Weil as 2nd Vice President

We are happy to announce the nomination of Laura Weil for the position of 2nd Vice-President on Fenestration Canada’s Executive Committee. Laura has years of experience on the Fenestration Canada Board of Directors and is excited about the opportunity. 

“I am grateful for the fantastic support that Fenestration Canada has provided me over the years. I’ve travelled coast to coast with this incredible group of volunteers and collectively we have collaborated and strengthened the voice and recognition of our industry in Canada. I’m certain that unprecedented growth is just around the corner and I hope that as 2nd VP I can be integral in making this growth and change work for our members and the association. Thank you for your vote of confidence.”

“Laura has been a great supporter of our industry and has played a major role in changing the direction of our association. I look forward to working with her.” added Mike Bruno, President of the Board.

In addition to Laura being part of the Board of Directors, she has also been the Chair of the Events Committee for the past few years and has brought many positive changes to our events. We are looking forward to supporting her in this position so she can continue to use her leadership to bring positive change to our association. 

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