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Latest News in the Door and Windows Industry in Canada

British Columbia announces update to its Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation

On February 16, 2021 the Province approved and ordered Amendment 7 to the Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation. Amendment 7 includes updated standards for residential windows and sliding glass doors that were proposed and consulted on in 2019.

The new standards for residential windows and sliding glass doors are summarized below. For detailed information, please see the Residential Windows and Sliding Glass Doors Regulatory Bulletin. Please note the amendment will be incorporated into the online consolidated regulation within the next few weeks, and will be accessible through (in Regulations under the Energy Efficiency Act).

Residential Windows

The update requires all residential windows and sliding glass doors manufactured after January 1, 2022 to have a U-value ≤ 1.61 W/(m2K). The standard applies to all metal and non-metal windows and sliding glass doors installed in residential buildings with less than 4 stories or a floor space of 600m2 or less. The updated standard is an incremental improvement over the current minimum standard of U-value ≤ 1.80 W/(m2K).

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