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BC LAUNCHES NEW ECONOMIC PLAN – StrongerBC: A Plan for Today, a Vision for Tomorrow

The last two years of the pandemic, the toxic drug supply and extreme weather events have changed our lives, our economy, and our future. We have been through a lot together and these events have exposed vulnerabilities in our economy. Taken together, these events have underlined the need for a renewed approach to economic policy—one that focuses on building an inclusive, sustainable economy that works for more British Columbians.

I am pleased to share British Columbia’s (BC) new economic plan, “StrongerBC: A Plan for Today, a Vision for Tomorrow.” The plan was launched today and is our Government’s economic vision for the province over the next 10 to 15 years.

The plan puts BC on a path to achieve two important goals—inclusive growth and clean growth—while filling one million jobs over the next decade as outlined in the recent Labour Market Outlook, which can be viewed at:

This plan focusses on investing in our most valuable asset—the skills, talents, and ambitions of British Columbians—to help build an economy that supports the success of all British Columbians.

Our plan will build a people-first, high-care, low-carbon economy that all British Columbians share in.

As always, meaningful reconciliation remains central to our work. The plan gives us a clear path for better collaboration and partnerships with Indigenous Peoples as we work together to support communities and create opportunities. Conversations have already begun and will now be a standard part of our economic decision-making.

You can find more information at the following sites:

· Visit the StrongerBC Economic Plan website:

As we move forward with our economic plan and vision for the long-term growth of our Province, we want to keep hearing from you. This is an evolving plan based on the experiences of British Columbians and is designed to be adapted and adjusted. I encourage everyone to continue to share their economic priorities and ideas online at:

Inclusive growth and clean growth are important goals we can all rally around, and I hope you will join me in working towards these goals for a sustainable, innovative, and inclusive economy that works for all British Columbians.


Ravi Kahlon

Minister of Jobs, Economic Recovery

and Innovation

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