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BC Building Info Is Winding Down

A message about the BC Building Info Newsletter. Thank you to Ken Farrish for your outstanding contribution to the BC market!

“After almost 20 years and 258 issues of our little ol’ BC Building Info newsletter, it looks like the time has come to wind things down. It has been a wonderful experience at my end, and my hope is that we have provided you with at least a wee bit of value as well.

Being an old pack rat, I still get a lot of joy out of regularly scouring over 1080 website pages in efforts to find information to share with you. It’s also quite fulfilling whenever I get calls and questions from our many newsletter subscribers and website visitors who are looking for information and resources about our home building industry and technologies.

But it is becoming more and more obvious to me that my mid-septuagenarian priorities are changing. I’m now looking forward to spending a lot more of my time reading, gardening, hiking, volunteering, working out in efforts to keep this ol’ body functioning, travelling, and generally hanging out with my wife and all of our family. Perhaps our granddaughter becoming a teenager this year has made me finally realize how fast time flies – and I don’t want to miss the opportunity of spending more time with those I love.

So, I have a few Thank-Yous to offer…

First, for all of their professional website and newsletter programming skills over the last couple of decades I would like to offer my HUGE heart-felt Thanks to Ivan & Druggan over at D.J.’s Micro-Info. They have truly done a wonderful job of babysitting me and taking care of the website/online/IT side of BC Building Info. You guys rock!

Second, to my kid brother Beaver (that’s his everlasting childhood nickname from the old Leave It To Beaver show), thanks BIG TIME for putting up with me and my weird requests for all these years. Your highly-capable website content maintenance and newsletter management abilities have been the number-one reason for us being able to keep our BC Building Info gig going for as long as we have. Luv ya’ Bro!

Third, and from my perspective perhaps the most important…THANK YOU to you, our subscribers! Having had over 2000 of you take the time to sign up to receive our little ol’ newsletter has been one of the most fulfilling business experiences I’ve ever had. And I’d also like to offer an additional tip of my hat to the hundreds of you that have submitted links and resources to us in the past. You are Top Drawer!

It’s been an absolute pleasure to serve you all.”

Much appreciated. Ken

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