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UL Enterprise Launches New Brands

“Our expertise in safety science has enabled the advancement of the human experience, including safety at work and home, for more than 128 years,” said James Shannon, board chairman, UL Research Institutes and UL Solutions. “While the brands signify a new era for each of our organizations, we share a history and the UL and Underwriters Laboratories names, which are synonymous with safety science leadership. Our brands may be evolving, but our commitment to working for a safer world is constant.”

The UL enterprise confronts safety challenges head-on, turning questions and hypotheses into discoveries, and innovating to ensure that scientific knowledge is applied. The three organizations’ capacity to create change is amplified by a distinctive network of researchers, engineers, technologists, government regulators, technical experts and business leaders to advance safety science.

Each of the three organizations — two nonprofit organizations and the commercial business — serves a distinct role in helping to advance safety science:

  • The UL Research Institutes brand signals its focus on rigorous independent research into ongoing and emerging human safety risks. As threats evolve and their consequences become more severe, UL Research Institutes pursues scientific discovery to advance public safety — marshaling resources to scan for and assess emerging human safety risks in areas such as autonomous systems and artificial intelligence.

  • The UL Standards & Engagement brand exemplifies its longstanding role as a critical facilitator of standards-related public-private partnerships around the world. UL Standards & Engagement translates data and safety science research into actionable, rigorous safety standards and drives safety advocacy campaigns focused on improving public safety.

  • The UL Solutions brand represents its commitment to partnering with customers and stakeholders around the world to help solve safety, security and sustainability challenges. A global safety science leader, UL Solutions delivers testing, inspection and certification services, together with software products and advisory offerings, that support our customers’ product innovation and business growth.

​​​​While the logos for the organizations have been updated to reflect the new brands, the existing UL Certification Marks, which signal high-quality performance and independent third-party safety, security and sustainability certification, will remain unchanged.

About UL Research Institutes

UL Research Institutes is a nonprofit research organization dedicated to advancing the Underwriters Laboratories public safety mission through scientific discovery and application. With best-in-class experts, we are the world’s premier safety science research organization. We conduct rigorous independent research, analyze safety data and explore at the edges of technology to be the first to uncover and act on emerging risks to human safety.

About UL Standards & Engagement

UL Standards & Engagement is a nonprofit standards development and advocacy organization that translates data from safety science into practical, action-oriented safety standards. We convene experts worldwide and serve as a vital resource for regulators and policymakers. As a part of our public outreach activities, we share knowledge, advance standards-related safety policy partnerships and advocate for standards and regulations that result in positive safety changes.

About UL Solutions

A global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions transforms safety, security and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries. UL Solutions delivers testing, inspection and certification services, together with software products and advisory offerings, that support our customers’ product innovation and business growth. The UL Certification Marks serve as a recognized symbol of trust in our customers’ products and reflect an unwavering commitment to advancing our safety mission. We help our customers innovate, launch new products and services, navigate global markets and complex supply chains and grow sustainably and responsibly into the future. Our science is your advantage.

Press Contacts

Roxanne Pipitone

UL Solutions

+1 847.664.3386

Mimi Bhattacharyya

UL Research Institutes UL Standards & Engagement

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