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Minister Wilkinson Provides Update to Canada Greener Homes Initiative

News release

January 28, 2022 Ottawa, Ontario Natural Resources Canada

Helping people make their homes more energy-efficient fights climate change and creates good jobs, all while helping homeowners save on their monthly energy bills. That’s why the Government of Canada launched the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative in May 2021 to help up to 700,000 Canadian homeowners upgrade their homes.

Energy advisors are the backbone of the Canada Greener Homes Grant. To ensure retrofits improve a home’s energy efficiency and homeowners know about their retrofit options, an energy advisor must conduct a pre-retrofit and post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation. The Greener Homes initiative’s immense popularity — with over 180,000 homeowners applying in just a few months — has led to a major demand for new energy advisors.

That’s why today, the Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources, announced a $903,000 investment for the Manitoba Environmental Industries Association (MEIA). This funding, which was provided through the $10-million call for proposals to train up to an additional 2,000 energy advisors, will help recruit and train up to 90 energy advisors in Manitoba.

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