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Latest News in the Door and Windows Industry in Canada

Attention Fenestration Canada members that are Energy Star Canada participants


  • Recently Energy Star sent out an email notice of a new Participant Agreement for the 2023-2024 year that unfortunately did not reach all participants. If you DID NOT receive the email contact Sophie Southin to request the new PA and update your ES account contact information.

  • There are two significant changes to the Energy Star Participant Agreement you need to take notice of highlighted in the Administrative Arrangement bullets below.

Terms of this Administrative Arrangement

• ENERGY STAR Canada Brand Book, including misrepresentation of the ENERGY STAR

brand in Canada;

• ENERGY STAR Product Specifications;

• Requirements for post-market verification testing;

• Requirements for the submission of annual unit shipment data; and

• Requirements for the Labelling and Promotion of ENERGY STAR® Certified Fenestration

Products Sold in Canada (for fenestration manufacturers only).

Fenestration Canada has communicated with the ES Fenestration Products admistrators and they have

agreed to postpone the initial submission date of the signed agreement from July 28, 2023 to later this

fall, as soon as we receive a revised submission date we will advise.

We will continue to work with Energy Star to confirm the details of the new agreement and provide

support to our members on the updates as we receive them.

Terry Adamson

Technical Director

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