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Latest News in the Door and Windows Industry in Canada

Up to 5,000$ to award in 2023!

The Fenestration Canada Scholarship Program has now launched!

Under the guidance of this year's ambassador Allan Doyle, Fenestration Canada is proud to announce the launch of the Scholarship Program!

The Fenestration Canada Scholarship is awarded to a motivated and passionate individual who is connected to the fenestration industry. The ideal candidate exhibits a commitment to their studies, combined with a clear vision of how their studies will positively impact the community. The candidate is not only focused on personal success but also on the broader impact they can make. The candidate’s commitment to academic and professional growth aligns with the aims and goals of the scholarship.


Candidates must be an employee of a Fenestration Canada member company (member must be in good standing and membership fees paid in full). Dependent family members of FenCan member employees are also eligible if enrolled in a post-secondary school program. If there are multiple applications per family, up to 1 scholarship award shall be considered per family.


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