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Latest News in the Door and Windows Industry in Canada

Fenestration Canada Creates Technical Department beginning in May 2021


Today Fenestration Canada is announcing an important addition to its team to help member companies successfully navigate the challenges presented by the accelerating pace of change in the regulatory environment. This addition will help us to achieve our strategic plan to enhance our capability to provide members with educational and technical support, and to engage meaningfully with regulators and other industry stakeholders.

In 2020 we added a full-time Technical Director to serve as a knowledge resource and provide relevant technical education to our members. In 2021 we will strengthen this capability by adding a second staff member, thereby creating a Technical Department. 

To create this department, we had to recruit the best candidate possible and the person who would best complement our current team.

Today, we are happy to announce the addition of Terry Adamson to our technical team. Terry Adamson has spent a lifetime in the fenestration world.  With 35 plus years in the business, and an extensive resume of experience he easily relates to all parts of the industry.  Starting his career on the loading dock, he quickly moved up through the business holding all production positions as well as most management roles, landing as General Manager with the last ten years as Technical Director of Westeck Windows, Chilliwack BC.  With a passion for the technical side, he participated extensively in industry Associations, 11 years with Fenestration BC, and 7 years with Fenestration Canada, holding the President’s role with both groups.  Always eager to talk fenestration, and a soft spot for smaller manufacturers struggling with the challenges we face, it was inevitable that his career would take him to a role where he is able to provide support to all manufacturers.   

Terry Adamson will officially join the team in May of 2021. 

Also effective immediately, Mr. Adamson will resign from his role of President of the Board at Fenestration Canada and Mike Bruno, Everlast Group of Companies, currently first Vice-President will complete Terry Adamson’s mandate before starting his own.  

Cam Drew, Thermoproof Windows and Doors, will move from the position of 2nd Vice-President to first Vice-President, therefore the nomination process to fill the role of second Vice-President has started.

Please also note that the nomination process to recruit new board directors will begin shortly. 

We invite any member who might be interested to submit a nomination form.

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