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Latest News in the Door and Windows Industry in Canada

New submission date for the updated Participant Agreement with ENERGY STAR Canada

Fenestration Canada has received the below letter advising Canadian Energy Star participants of the new submission date for the updated Participant Agreement. The new date for approving your PA is September 29th, 2023. We are continuing to reach out to ES to get clarity on the changes, and the new Shipment Data gathering they have introduced. We will provide updates as soon as we receive them.

Dear ENERGY STAR participant,


I hope that this email finds you well; my name is Jude Louis, and I am the Account Manager of

ENERGY STAR program for fenestration products (windows, doors, and skylights) at Natural

Resources Canada. I am contacting you to remind you about the renewal of the Participant

Administrative Arrangement for all the ENERGY STAR Canada participants. Although your

current Participant Administrative Arrangement might be still valid, I am sharing with you an

updated version of the Participant administrative Arrangement from which additional

information will be required on a yearly basis, especially the unit shipment data. Therefore, you

will notice the following change in the attached template, in the “participant commitments”

section of page 2:


The Participant is required to submit by March 1 st unit shipment data of the previous Calendar

Year annually, or as requested by NRCan, starting in 2024 for 2023 shipment data.


As mentioned above, this piece of information is mandatory and will significantly help to

improve the ENERGY STAR program. While we understand that this additional piece of

information might require extra work within your organization, the deadline to submit the Unit

Shipment Data is March 1 of every year, the first data to be submitted is for 2023 year and the

deadline is March 1, 2024.


Please see attached the updated version of the Participant Administrative Arrangement.


The ENERGY STAR Canada team has decided to extend the deadline to give every participant

the chance to renew their PAAs, therefore it would be appreciated if you could read carefully

and sign the new Participation Administrative Arrangement then return it to Sophie Southin at by September 29, 2023. Please direct any question you may

have about this document to Sophie Southin as well.


In terms of confidentiality, we would like to reassure you that the Unit shipment Data that you

will provide will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party.


The ENERGY STAR Team looks forward to working with you to improve the program impacts on

a positive manner.

Please ignore this message in case you have recently submitted this new 2023 Participant

Administrative Arrangement.

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