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Latest News in the Door and Windows Industry in Canada

New Documents Released to Facilitate NAFS Testing, Labeling and Compliance

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Fenestration Canada announces two important new documents that potentially affect all fenestration manufacturers and prehangers supplying window, door and skylight products in Canada.

Voluntary NAFS Labeling Guidelines for Products with Mullions

The NAFS standard is clear that the air-water-structural performance ratings of products with mullions must be based on the tested performance of products with mullions. It is not permissible to test only single operator types, such as a fixed, sliding, awning, and casement window, and to apply these ratings to products containing more than one operator type separated by one or more mullions. This practice is not supported under NAFS-08.

This guideline document is offered to assist manufacturers, test labs, and certification entities to determine and label the air-water-structural performance of products that have integral, combination or reinforcing mullions in a uniform way, using primary and secondary NAFS designators as required by the Canadian Supplement CSA A440S1-09.

This guideline supplements the NAFS Labeling Guidelines for Canada issued by the association in November of 2013.

Recommendation on the Use of Engineering Calculations to determine Design Pressure Ratings of Fenestration Products under NAFS-08

The NAFS standard requires the air-water-structural performance of fenestration products to be determined by physical testing. It also provides guidance, by reference to other standards, for the limited application of engineering calculations and principles to determine the design pressure component of fenestration Performance Grades.

This document from the Fenestration Canada Technical Services Committee concerns the Committee’s opinion on the appropriate versions of the standards to be used for this purpose.


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