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Kelowna 2023 - What a Week!


Thank you!

On behalf of the Event Committee, the Board of Directors and the Fenestration Canada team I would like to thank you for attending and / or supporting our 2023 Spring Conference in Kelowna last week. The relentless work of our volunteers and employees and the unprecedented support of our sponsors made this conference a record breaking event on multiple front. But more than the amount of people and the financial success, what will always stay with me is thetremendous camaraderie I witnessed last week, between people from all across the country and the world. It is during events like Fenestration Canada's Spring Conference that you can really witness and experience the strength of an organization like ours. People from different sides of the industry meeting, talking, working and having fun together is what defines FenCan and I could not be more proud of our group. For those who were there, you understand what I mean and for those who could not attend, it is really hard to describe, but trust me you definitely missed out! I hope to see you at WinDoor.

Hurry up!

Speaking of WinDoor, our show floor is now almost sold out. We are exploring the idea of expanding our floorplan, but if you were planning on exhibiting and did not confirm yet, now is definitely the time to reach out to Laine Atkins!

Stéphane Labelle

Executive Director


Online Sessions

All of our Spring Conference Online Sessions are now available on our YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and turn on the notifications to make sure you don't miss important webinars! The presentations documents can be downloaded here: