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Action needed: Greener Home Grants: Speak up!

At NRCan's Nov 23th SO Townhall meeting, Jean-Clement (JC) Chenier, Director General, NRCan, provided an update on the Canada Greener Homes Grant.

  • NRCan is working with the Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia program delivery agents to gain a better sense of the current applications/commitments in their province.

  • NRCan is considering applying a timeframe by which homeowners, who have already applied for the grant, must complete their upgrades. This is to help NRCan manage the current budget. As a precaution, CACEA suggests that you to reach out to your clients who have yet to complete upgrades and encourage them to do do sooner than later.

  • NRCan will "officially" notifying the public over the next couple of weeks - on their website and other channels. CACEA requested that industry receive advanced notice of this communication campaign so that it can prepare for questions and outreach.

  • If there is a surge of applications prior to March 31, 2024, this could result in an earlier deadline.

  • There is currently no news about "topping up" the grant and/or new Federal programs.

At Fenestration Canada, we have reasons to believe that this could affect a significant section of the membership in a negative way.


As part of our formal course of action to address this announcement, we ask to all our members who might be affected directly or indirectly by this announcement to fill up our quick form here. This will be used in our formal outreach to NRCan.


Please provide as much quantifiable data as possible (such as, timelines, cost estimates, impacts to staff) as this always has a bigger impact.


Please send your submission before December 13th 2023 at 8pm eastern.

Here are examples of language you could use in your communication.

Loosing access to the “greener homes grant” will impact my business, here’s how: 

  • With fewer customers seeking energy-efficient solutions, our business may experience a decline in revenue.

  • The grant could have been a significant incentive for customers to undertake home improvements, and its absence may affect your bottom line.

  • E.g., We can expect about $ (X) revenue loss per year without being able to access the grant. 

  • If demand drops significantly, our business may need to reduce staff or cut back on employee hours to adapt to the lower workload. This can impact the livelihoods of your workers and create uncertainty within your team.

  • My business currently employs (X) people in various skilled jobs, but I could be faced with making some tough business decisions this year — including restructuring, possible downsizing, and not being able to continue expanding our business.

  • Our business invested in training and certification programs to meet the requirements of the Green Homes Grant, losing access to the program may mean that these investments do not yield the expected returns.

  • E.g., We invested $ (X) in re-tooling so that our small business could access that grant.

The lack of clarity around timelines for the "Greener Homes Grant" can pose challenges for my small business, especially when it comes to planning for future customer contracts. Here are some impacts:

  • The lack of clear timelines makes it difficult to predict when customers will be motivated to invest in energy-efficient upgrades.

  • This uncertainty can complicate our demand forecasting, making it challenging to plan resources, staff, and inventory effectively.

  • Customers may have questions or concerns about the grant's status, and the lack of clear information as to when the program will end could cost our business thousands of dollars.

  • Negotiating contracts with customers may become more challenging due to the uncertainty.

Speak up!

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