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2022 Recap

We appreciate your membership and are continually working hard to make our Association the best it can be! We have many new and exciting opportunities coming for 2023 and we would love for you to have the opportunity to experience them! But before, let’s take a quick look at what we accomplished and worked on this past year for our membership at Fenestration Canada: 

A word from your president

"This year has brought us back to some sort of normal, with our in person shows and meetings. Our regional events, AGM and WinDoor have seen a resurgence. I want to thank and wish a happy holiday to the team at Fenestration Canada, members and sponsors for their commitment to our industry they have shown during these trying times."

head shot.jpg

Mike Bruno, President of the Board


Fenestration Canada's 2022 year was a tremendous success on many fronts. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly WinDoor, which was a resounding success for both attendees and exhibitors. The event provided an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to network, learn about the latest products and trends, and explore new business opportunities.

In addition to the success of WinDoor, Fenestration Canada's online reach also grew significantly during the year. This was a major accomplishment, as it allowed the organization to connect with a wider audience and provide more valuable resources and information to its members.

Fenestration Canada also hosted several regional events throughout the year, which led to phenomenal engagement and participation. The organization's efforts to promote and support these events helped to foster a strong sense of community within the industry, which is crucial for its continued growth and success.

One of the other major milestones of the year was the organization's first in-person Spring Conference post-covid. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, the event was a great success and attendees were happy to have the opportunity to connect in person again. The conference provided a valuable platform for industry professionals to share their knowledge, learn from one another, and discuss the future of the industry.


Another area where Fenestration Canada saw significant growth was in the reach of its technical department. The organization's experts provided valuable assistance to members facing daily challenges, helping them to overcome obstacles and succeed in their businesses. This support was greatly appreciated by members and contributed to the overall strength of the industry.

Finally, it's worth noting that Fenestration Canada's membership numbers reached an all-time high in 2022. This is a testament to the organization's continued commitment to providing valuable resources and support to its members, and to the value that they see in being a part of the organization.

Overall, Fenestration Canada's 2022 year was a resounding success at a crucial time for the future of the industry.  We look forward to announcing what we have in store for the coming year!


Stéphane Labelle, Executive Director


  • Glass Design paper complete and being released at WinDoor

  • Released Atlantic Chapter Labeling document

  • Actively engaged in partner and stakeholder organizations outside of Fenestration Canada

  • Currently, we have active relationships with Passive House Canada, CFIB, CACEA, CHBA, RAIC,WDMA, PHBI, VIC, FGIA, Ontario Housing, BC BSSB and others

  • Created and delivered new content for Tech Talks

  • Attended Glassbuild and helped to create new networking opportunities for 2023

  • Provided member support on a variety of topics

  • Engaged with members on the Technical Online Forum

  • Completed Regional Chapter in person educational events in Ontario, the Prairies and the Pacific regions

  • Created multiple member task groups for onsite product testing, operable guards code and much more!

  • Developed successful connections with NRCAN and solidified their WinDoor 2022 presentation

  • Increased activity within the Commercial Glazing industry

  • Provided a commitment to engage with Building Officials across Canada

  • Rejoined HPSC to be involved in their activity in install training and renovation install rebate programs offered in BC




AL JAUGELIS, Technical Advisor


  • Worked with and supported Regional Chapters to improve Membership by attending virtual and in person events.

  • Compiled lead lists for the Patio Door and IG manufacturers

  • Onboarded 242 members

  • Promoted Windoor attendance/exhibiting benefits


JASON WADEL, Membership chair


  • Our major events - Spring Conference and WinDoor - occupy the majority of our frame of work.

  • Had a successful in person Spring Conference in Charlottetown, PEI

  • WinDoor 2022 in Montreal sold out and had over 1,200 attendees

  • Delivered the first inaugural VPs Auction Event and raised over $20,000

  • Stated a dialogue for future venues for our major events

  • Contributed to the Fensterbau show

  • Provided support for the Regional Chapter events

  • Encouraged participation in all events among the fenestration community, and promoted the association

To come:​

  • WinDoor 2023 in Toronto, ON

  • Spring Conference 2023 in Kelowna, BC

  • Regional Chapter events across the country



Dan Darcy.jpg

Dan darcy, EVENTS Co-CHAIR

Scheme Committee

  • Access to Training TG completed an Installer Skills/Competency document for baseline communication of training curriculum and exam content requirements

  • Exam TG reconvened and has been working to advance the process of updating the exam questions aligned with A440 and the Skills/Competency document

  • Committee has drafted an MOU to formally align with Fenestration Canada and PHBI to complete the foundation for integrating curriculum, training, and the exam



Access to Trainers Task Group

  • Sought window/door installation trainers and on-boarded interested parties into Fenestration Canada

  • Developed a portal to showcase training opportunities in the country on Fenestration Canada’s website

  • Created first version of the “Certified Installer Responsibilities” document

  • Provided recommendations to the Exam committee on next steps

Adrian Edge Headshot.jpg

Adrian edge, a.t.t. task group chair

Atlantic Regional Committee

  • Completed and published the 'Required Building Code Labels for Manufactured Windows, Doors and Skylights' document on the FenCan website.

  • Developing a supporting document to the above as a Simplification / FAQ on NAFS for non-industry stakeholders (ie. dealers, contractors, homeowners, etc).

  • Facilitated an introduction with the RAIC to commence a relationship with FenCan.

  • Amalgamated a contact list of industry stakeholders in Atlantic Canada and will send out a general invitation to participate in Association and Chapter  communication and events.



atlantic co-chair


kevin pelley 

atlantic co-chair

comité régional du québec

  • Increased the participation of its members by organizing local events offering networking opportunities and educational content

  • We hosted an event at UL on May 31st

  • Involved members from sectors related to our industry in our committee to promote good collaboration.

  • MTA Architects joined the Quebec Chapter.

  • Participated in the development of technical training content (in progress).

  • Hosted Windoor 2022 and offered a value-added experience to its participants by organizing plant tours and a cocktail hour


marie-pier houle, Co-Chair


samuel st-pierre, Co-Chair

ONTARIO Regional Committee

  • Re-engaged with existing member base, and helped to expand overall membership to Fenestration Canada.

  • Post-pandemic, we have held several ZOOM sessions with industry professionals - re. Financing, project funding, SRED, lean manufacturing. Feedback to these presentations has been positive.

  • Hosted our first in person event in over two years with a focus on ratings and energy efficiency trends. Sponsored by UL, Ottawa Housing, and Ontario Board for Energy Efficiency.


Jason Wadel, President, Ontario


  • Hosted a Prairies Chapter event at PlyGem and Everlast and provided a wide range of educational content

  • Increased engagement within the region

  • The Chapter also a change in leadership with Rick Pries stepping down and Nicole Bird taking the Chair role and Collin Campbell taking the Co-Chair role

  • Collected a lead list for Fabricators and suppliers in the region to network and engage with



PACIFIC Regional Committee

  • From the beginning of this year until the present, we have set the same course as the previous year with an emphasis on education and guest speakers.

  • Since establishing the chapter, we have also introduced live events and have completed a half day and full day  session. Speakers are government officials and leaders from other industry groups (HPSC, HAVAN).

Adrian Edge Headshot.jpg

Adrian edge, a.t.t. task group chair

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