Fenestration Canada’s Volunteer Committees and Task Groups play an instrumental role in helping the association to achieve its strategic goals and objectives and enabling Fenestration Canada to be the resource for the fenestration industry.

Sitting in a committee meeting is an ideal opportunity to learn more about Fenestration Canada and the great work that volunteer committees do throughout the year.

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Fenestration Canada Committees:

Spring Conference & AGM Committee

Mandate: To develop the program for the annual Spring Conference and AGM with a focus on education and networking.

  Jennifer Small (Chair)
  Screenco Manufacturing Ltd.
  Eddie Choe (Co-chair)

Education Committee

Mandate: To develop and promote educational programs, training and information exchange designed to meet needs and expectations of all members of the Association.

  Steve Alward (Chair)
  Atlantic Windows Ltd
  Jesse Blanchard (Co-chair)
  ENERGI Fenestration Solutions

Fabricators’ Council Membership

Mandate: To address issues that may affect the commercialization of windows, doors and skylights on behalf of Fenestration Canada members. The council will identify issues important to its fabricator base and make recommendations for action based on the benefit to the industry.  The Fabricators’ Council will encourage a viable industry capable of providing appropriate products to Canadian consumers.  To this end, the council will both encourage and participate in the education of consumers as well as industry stakeholders.  The Fabricators’ Council will collaborate and seek input from various Fenestration Canada committees as well as from other fabricator members to guide its recommendation for action to the Fenestration Canada board of directors as required. The Council will endeavour to communicate its activities to Fenestration Canada members via appropriate communication channels. 

  Brad Fevold (Chair)
  Marvin Windows and Doors
  Gary Blad (Co-chair)
  Loewen WIndows
  Greg Dickie (Co-chair)
  Atlantic Windows Ltd.

Communications Committee

Mandate: To establish and execute a national strategy for identification and marketing of services; and to communicate the value and progress of Fenestration Canada services both internally and externally using electronic, web-based and print mediums.

Laura Weil (Chair)
Euro Vinyl Windows & Doors Inc.
Vince Porcelli (Co-Chair)
Everlast Group of Companies

Membership Committee

Mandate: To establish and execute a national strategy for membership recruitment and retention. 

Mike Bruno (Chair)
Everlast Group of Companies
   Steven Veilleux (Co-Chair)
   Novatech Group Inc.

Technical Services Committee

Mandate: To represent the interests of Canadian fenestration industry and support codes, regulations and standards activities in Canada.  Communicate technical issues to membership and other stakeholders.  Develop content for technical and informational bulletins.  Collaborate with partner associations for local and regional input on provincial issues.  Establish appropriate communications channels to keep members apprised of regulatory developments and challenges facing the sector. 

  Robert Jutras (Co-Chair)
  CLEB Laboratory Inc.
  Dave Goldsmith (Co-Chair)
  Ply Gem

WinDoor Committe

   Mandate: To develop the program for Fenestration Canada’s signature event.

  Stéphane Labelle (Chair)
  ECC Solutions Inc.
  Danielle Labrie (Co-Chair)
  Fenestration Review

October 2017